North Korea

11-24 Hrs

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), also known as North Korea, is a country located in East Asia. The main language spoken in North Korea is Korean, and its primary currency is the North Korean won (KPW). The local time in North Korea is 8.5 hours ahead of the United Kingdom.

Due to the current political situation in North Korea, there are no commercial flights available from the UK to North Korea. The closest major airports to North Korea are in Beijing, China, and Seoul, South Korea. From London, the flight time to Beijing is approximately 10-11 hours, and the flight time to Seoul is approximately 11-12 hours.

The main airport in North Korea is the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport (FNJ). It is located about 24km from Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The airport has one terminal building and offers a limited number of international flights, primarily to destinations in China and Russia. Most international visitors to North Korea arrive by train or bus from China.

North Korea is a highly controlled country and is not a popular tourist destination. Visitors are required to obtain a visa and must be accompanied by an approved tour guide at all times. Tourist activities are heavily restricted and are mostly limited to a small number of pre-approved sites, such as the Juche Tower and the Korean War Museum. However, for those interested in history and culture, visiting North Korea can provide a unique glimpse into a closed-off society. It is essential to follow all local laws and customs while in North Korea, and visitors should be aware of the restrictions and potential risks before planning a trip.

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