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Kuwait is a small country located in Western Asia, bordered by Iraq to the north and west, Saudi Arabia to the south and the Persian Gulf to the east. It has a population of approximately 4.7 million people, and its capital is Kuwait City.

The official language of Kuwait is Arabic, and it is the primary language spoken by the majority of the population. English is also widely spoken, especially in business and tourism.

The currency of Kuwait is the Kuwaiti dinar (KWD), which is one of the most valuable currencies in the world. It is divided into 1000 fils, and banknotes are available in denominations of ¼, ½, 1, 5, 10, and 20 dinars.

The flight time from the UK to Kuwait can vary depending on the airline and route taken, but it typically takes around 6-7 hours for a direct flight.

Kuwait is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3), which means that when it is noon in GMT, it is 3pm in Kuwait.

The main airport in Kuwait is Kuwait International Airport, located in Farwaniya, approximately 15 km south of Kuwait City. The airport serves as a hub for Kuwait Airways, and handles both domestic and international flights. The address of Kuwait International Airport is Ghazali Road, Farwaniya 61001, Kuwait.

Top Local Attractions

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are a famous landmark in Kuwait City, and are known for their unique design and stunning views of the city. Visitors can climb to the top of the towers for panoramic views of the skyline, and can also explore the various exhibitions and attractions inside. A distinctive reason to visit this location is the opportunity to experience the iconic architecture and cultural heritage of Kuwait.

The Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Kuwait, and is known for its stunning architecture and beautiful interior design. Visitors can explore the various halls and prayer areas of the mosque, and can also learn about the history and significance of Islam in Kuwait. A distinctive reason to visit this location is the opportunity to experience the unique blend of Islamic and Arabic culture in Kuwait.

Failaka Island

Failaka Island is a small island located off the coast of Kuwait, and is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and historic landmarks. Visitors can explore the various archaeological sites and ruins on the island, including the Greek Temple of Failaka and the Al-Qusur fortress. A distinctive reason to visit this location is the opportunity to experience the natural beauty and rich history of Kuwait.
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