Marshall Islands

20 to 30 Hrs

The Marshall Islands is a small island country located in the Pacific Ocean, just north of the Equator and east of the Philippines. The country consists of 29 coral atolls and 5 single islands, and its capital city is Majuro.

The official languages of the Marshall Islands are Marshallese and English. Marshallese is the most widely spoken language and is the language of everyday communication, while English is used for official purposes.

The currency of the Marshall Islands is the US dollar (USD).

As there are no direct flights from the UK to the Marshall Islands, flight times will vary depending on the specific departure and arrival cities, as well as the airline and route chosen. A typical journey may take around 20-30 hours with at least one stopover.

The Marshall Islands are in the GMT+12 time zone, which is 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+12).

The main airport in the Marshall Islands is Marshall Islands International Airport, also known as Amata Kabua International Airport, which is located on the island of Majuro. The address of the airport is Ajeltake Road, Majuro, Marshall Islands.

Top Local Attractions

Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. The site is home to numerous shipwrecks, including the USS Saratoga and the USS Arkansas, which were sunk during atomic bomb tests in the 1940s and 1950s. Visitors can explore these wrecks and the surrounding coral reefs, which are home to a diverse array of marine life.


Majuro is the capital city of the Marshall Islands and a hub of cultural and economic activity in the country. Visitors can explore the city's many shops, restaurants, and museums, as well as its historic landmarks, including the Alele Museum and Library and the US Army Air Force Base.

Arno Atoll

Arno Atoll is a stunning collection of islands and reefs located in the southern part of the Marshall Islands. Visitors can explore the many small islands and enjoy the pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. The atoll is also home to numerous cultural and historical landmarks, including the Arno Atoll World War II wrecks and the Arno Island Lighthouse.
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