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Mauritania is a country located in West Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Senegal to the southwest, Mali to the east and southeast, Algeria to the northeast, and the disputed territory of Western Sahara to the northwest. The capital city is Nouakchott.

The official languages of Mauritania are Arabic and French, with Arabic being the most widely spoken language.

The currency of Mauritania is the Mauritanian ouguiya (MRU).

As there are no direct flights from the UK to Mauritania, flight times will vary depending on the specific departure and arrival cities, as well as the airline and route chosen. A typical journey may take around 6-8 hours with at least one stopover.

Mauritania is in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) zone, which is the same as the UK.

The main airport in Mauritania is Nouakchott International Airport, which is located approximately 15 kilometers north of the capital city of Nouakchott. The address of the airport is BP 222, Nouakchott, Mauritania.

Top Local Attractions

Banc d'Arguin National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage site located on the Atlantic coast is a sanctuary for migratory birds and sea turtles, and also features unique landscapes of sand dunes and coastal wetlands.

Port de Pêche de Nouadhibou

The fishing port of Nouadhibou is the largest in Mauritania and an important center for the country's economy. Visitors can observe the daily activities of local fishermen and explore the colorful markets selling fresh fish and seafood.

Terjit Oasis

This stunning desert oasis located in the Adrar region offers a refreshing respite from the heat with its natural springs and palm groves. Visitors can also explore the nearby canyons and rock formations.
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