4 to 5 Hrs

Turkey is a transcontinental country located in both Europe and Asia, with Istanbul serving as the largest city and commercial hub. It has a rich cultural heritage, with a history that dates back thousands of years, and is known for its stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, and welcoming people.

The official language of Turkey is Turkish, which is spoken by the majority of the population. However, English is also widely spoken, particularly in tourist areas.

The currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira (TRY), which is a floating currency and its value is determined by market forces.

The flight time from the UK to Turkey varies depending on the specific departure and arrival airports, as well as the route taken. On average, the flight time is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Turkey is located in the Eastern European Time Zone, which is 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+2).

The main airport in Turkey is Istanbul Airport (IST), which is located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul. The address of the airport is Istanbul Airport, Tayakadın Mahallesi, Terminal Caddesi, No:1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Turkey.

Top Local Attractions

Hagia Sophia

Located in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was originally a cathedral, then a mosque, and now a museum. It is one of the most famous and historically significant buildings in the world, with its impressive dome and stunning mosaics. The distinctive reason to visit Hagia Sophia is to witness the incredible architecture and engineering of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, and to experience the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.


This unique region in central Turkey is famous for its fairy chimneys, cave dwellings, and hot air balloon rides. Visitors can explore the ancient underground cities, take a hot air balloon ride over the stunning landscapes, and experience the traditional way of life of the locals. The distinctive reason to visit Cappadocia is to witness the breathtaking natural beauty of Turkey and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region.


Located near the city of Izmir, Ephesus is an ancient city that was once one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire. Visitors can explore the ruins of the city and see some of the most well-preserved ancient structures in the world, including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. The distinctive reason to visit Ephesus is to experience the rich history and culture of Turkey and witness the impressive engineering feats of the ancient civilizations that once thrived there.
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